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Preparing Files
We keep our library updated with current versions of all the most popular software, and their previous versions released over the passt ten years. Here we list some considerations for assuring the highest quality printed impression of your digital file.

  • Files should be prepared with the CMYK or spot colors in which they will be printed. Please delete any unused colors.
  • Bleeds should be set for 1/8 inch beyond trim for offset printing projects.
  • Large format graphic projects should include at least 1/4 inch bleed beyond trim.
  • Please send a printout of your document with your file, or send a PDF if the file is being supplied electronically.
  • PDF files are acceptable for printing. Please be sure they are created as press optimized PDFs and that they include any necessary bleeds.
  • Fold and perf lines should be indicated in the file.

  • Fonts
Screen and printer fonts should be supplied for all documents unless the file is supplied as a press optimized PDF or Illustrator document that has been converted to outlines.

  • Please send all images with all documents.
  • Images should be saved as CMYK, Black and White or Greyscale not RGB.
  • Images should be saved as .ai, .tiff, .psd or .eps files. Jpeg, bmp, gif and other image files require converting before they are printed which may result in charges being assessed.
  • Photos should be at least 300dpi and placed at no more than 110% for best resolution.


Can you take a photo off my website?
Web graphics, usually gif files, are low resolution. This allows web pages to load faster, but the images will not print clearly in offset printing.

Why do I have to send font files for standard fonts like Times? Can you substitute?
Even with the most standard fonts like Arial, Times and Helvetica, there are many different versions/evolutions that may have subtle differences. If we substitute our font version for yours, we run the risk of text not appearing the same as it did on your computer—as text can re-flow or get cut off.

Why did I receive so many extra printed pieces? Am I getting charged?
RAM Printing does not charge for any overage. (It is standard practice among most printers to charge you for up to 10% overs or deliver an order up to 10% short. Those are industry standards).We ship any overages as a courtesy.

Offset printing does not work like copies where you can hit a start and stop button. Every order on press needs to have paper figured in for make-ready and spoilage waste. Waste is figured in for every step of production. It’s never our intention to produce excessive overages, but if all steps in production run smoothly, there are usually overs. Other times, we may barely make count. It is extremely costly for us to have to go back to press if we run short, and we don't follow the industry practice of "acceptable shortage" amounts, so unfortunately we have to prepare with some level of caution, usually providing us with overs.

What is the difference between varnish and aqueous coating?
RAM Printing recommends a varnish or an aqueous coating anytime your project has heavy ink coverage. At the very least, either will act as a protective coating to help eliminate offset, scratching, and rub off. An aqueous coating is used as an all over coating and is best for minimizing fingerprints on coated stocks. We have limited capabilities for doing “spot” aqueous coating. Varnish is applied much like a clear ink and we can do a number of things with spot varnishes and gloss and dull varnish combinations to create special effects on a printed sheet beyond its protective capabilities.

Do you do raised printing?
RAM Printing provides offset printing and digital imaging. Neither of these is a raised print such as thermography or engraving. We do, however, partner with excellent companies in the area that can provide those services and would be happy to source them for you.

Do you save my electronic files?
Your electronic files are stored at RAM for a period of about 10 years. It is not necessary to re-supply a file if you want an exact reprint of a project. Hard copy files / samples are currently being saved for about 4 or 5 years as space allows.

Why doesn’t the proof look like it did on my computer?
In order to view accurate color on your screen, it must be professionally calibrated. With most computers and most desktop printers, the color you see can be drastically different than what is output on our calibrated equipment. Our digital proofs are CMYK color. The CMYK color you see on your proof will match what is output on press. If your project specifies a PMS color, that PMS color will appear on the proof as a CMYK approximation, but will be matched to a PMS book on press.

Do you take credit cards?
We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express.


Can you bill my client?
If your client has an established account with RAM Printing, we can issue the invoice to them upon completion of the project. If the client does not have an established account, they can fill out a Credit Application early on in the quoting process and generally within 2-3 weeks an account can be opened. Lastly, your client can pay COD by check, money order or credit card on delivery.

I want to see the finished project, but I need you to ship it directly to my client.
It is RAM’s policy to provide samples to the designer, broker or agency for a project. In most cases this is done the same day as shipping or delivery to your client. If it is necessary for you to see the finished product before it is shipped to your client, that should be specified when you place your order.

What is the largest piece you can print?
On our offset press, the largest sheet size we can print is 23x29, and the largest image including bleed is 22x28. Our large format equipment, which is only cost effective for a few pieces at a time, can run 61 inches wide with unlimited length.
RAM Printing

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